A developer-centric approach to software threat modeling

Are you facing increased pressure to improve application security?

And are you struggling to identify, understand, and communicate threats to your system?

If so, this course is for you.

Why Threat Modeling Fails

Are you struggling to develop secure and compliant software on schedule? If so, do you relate to any of the challenges listed below?

  • Scalability
  • Control implementation
  • Consistency
  • Validation and audibility
  • Complexity
  • Developer pushback
Advantages of threat modeling

Proactivity pays off

Avoid the cost of remediation. Remediating security and compliance issues after software has been written might be too late.

Threat modeling is a proactive process that identifies potential attacks to an important asset so mitigations can be developed prior to any negative impact.

Is threat modeling a priority for you? For 79% of enterprises, it is!

Manual approaches to threat modeling simply don’t work. They are inconsistent, take too long, don’t scale, and don’t give developers what they need. 61% of survey respondents said their threat modeling process could be fully automated.

You are not alone in experiencing the shortage of security talent!

Learn how security teams are turning to automation to scale their strategies and ensure that critical tasks are not overlooked.
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Where developer-centric threat modeling is heading over the next 12 to 18 months?

Listen to the Ep 68 of our podcast to learn how Comcast make threat modeling more appealing to their developers.

Check out how threat modeling is tied to the developer community at Microsoft.

Looking for a simpler, more scalable & automated way to meet critical security needs and accelerate software time to market?

On average, SD Elements reduces security process time by 80%, by automating threat modeling processes.

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